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Please call our service hotline to order the DiaPat® test or contact us here.
You will be sent the DiaPat® test kit including all necessary items and information for sample collection.

+ 49 0511 - 55 47 44 0

You can order the DiaPat® Tests here please.

For more information on test charges, please call.

Please note that the results of the DiaPat® analysis will be sent to your physician. A decision on diagnosis and therapy of diseases should in each case comprise further diagnostic findings and should never be made without consulting your physician.

The interferences of drugs or their metabolites with the DiaPat® test results are not known under all circumstances.

We kindly ask for your understanding that only urine samples arriving at our laboratory deeply frozen can be analysed.

Price includes:

  • Urine Sample Kit

A specially labelled Urine sample collection kit with detailed instructions of how
to take and preserve the sample.

  • Laboratory Analysis

Samples are analysed at a central laboratory.

  • Medical Questionnaire

A Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire is included with this test. It covers
important areas such as illness, injuries, medical conditions, medication, family
health history and much more. The Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire
provides us with vital information which can affect how results are interpreted.

  • Interpretation of Results

All results will be fully explained including implications for further diagnostic follow-up.





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