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Legal Notice

DiaPat GmbH

Joachim Conrads
Prof. Harald Mischak
Company Registration Number: HR B 61202
VAT Registration Number.: DE 224218906

Rotenburger Str. 20
D-30659 Hannover

Phone: +49 (0) 511 554 744 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 511 554 744 - 31
Regulating authority: Staatliches Gewerbeaufsichtsamt Hannover


The website of DiaPat, its structure and all functionalities, information, data, texts, graphical and audio materials as well as all components employed for the functionality of the website, which are contained on this website are subject to the proprietary copy right of The user may use the content solely for his personal use within the framework of the provided functionalities of the website and he does not acquire any rights to the contents, texts, images, data or programs. Any reproduction, propagation, storage, transmission, forwarding, communication or distribution of contents without prior authorisation by DiaPat GmbH is prohibited specifically.

General terms and conditions of use
Please read the following terms of use carefully, which apply to all users of our website. By using this website you indicate your agreement to these terms.

This website has been created in accordance with the applicable German laws. The information on this website is only directed at residents of Germany, even though this website may be also accessed from other countries.

DiaPat reserves the rights to amend, remove or change any information contained on this website at any time and without prior notice. For this reason, it is advisable to read these terms and conditions regularly.

Intellectual property rights
This website is operated by and belongs to the Mosaiques Diagnostics and Therpeutics AG. Any brands, logos or other labels appearing on this website are trademarks which are either owned by DiaPat or for which DiaPat holds the license. 

The appearance of the trademarks on this website does not imply any rights on the trademarks to the visitor, neither implicitly or explicitly, without the expressed consent of DiaPat or the respective trademark owner.

Any reproduction, distribution, change or use of the content of this website for any purposes other than personal and non-commercial purposes, is only permitted with prior written consent of DiaPat.

DiaPat reserves the right to pursue any breach of intellectual property rights to the full extent of the respective laws. Where necessary, this also includes criminal prosecution.

Type of information
The information provided, in particular information on financial issues, is not intended for investment considerations. Information shall therefore neither be interpreted as advertising nor as an offer for purchasing or dealing in shares or other securities issued by DiaPat.     DiaPat would like to point out that financial information is updated at regular intervals.

Any comments by experts as well as extracts from press articles contained on this website represent the opinion of the respective experts or newspaper and do not necessarily represent the views of DiaPat. By publishing such materials, DiaPat does not warrant accuracy or completeness of information or views stated in such materials and does not assume any responsibility whatsoever in this respect.

This website also provides information on health care and medical issues. These details are solely intended to provide general information and do not in any manner replace the consultation, treatment or medical advice of a physician or other medical health professional. Information should not be used for self diagnosis or the prescription or use of any medical product described on this website. It is important that you follow any advice by your physician or other medical health professionals given with regard to your individual medical and health situation.

Individual information 
For individually customised information the personalisation of data might be required. For this reason you might be asked to provide personal information (such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address). Refusal to provide such information has no further consequences. However, you may not be able to use the functionality in question or receive the required information. In case of a new inquiry DiaPat will delete any information previously given should this be required.

Otherwise, this website was not designed primarily to receive confidential information. For this reason any communication with companies  via this website, such as questions, proposals, documents, data, graphics, designs or other information are regarded as non-confidential and unsecured. Consequently, the very disclosure of information entitles us to copy, amend, distribute or forward this information in connection with processing your inquiry. Please contact us via e-mail or letter if you do not wish to receive any other mail and/or e-mail. Please state exactly your name, postal address and/or e-mail address. We shall ensure that your name will be removed from our mailing list.

DiaPat will use your personal data solely for the purpose stated by you at the time this data was provided. DiaPat does not disclose any such personal data to other companies or institutions, sell, allow the use of or exchange data with other companies or institutions, without the explicit consent given by the user after having been notified accordingly in advance.  This does not apply in cases where DiaPat is, or becomes, bound by law or by adjudication to disclose or transmit data.

If you have problems using this site or general questions about DiaPat GmbH or DiaPat tests, please contact our webmaster (0511 554744-0) or contact us by e-mail, webmaster[at]

Links to other sites
This website contains links to other sites not operated by DiaPat. The contents of these sites can not be controlled by DiaPat in any way, as they are completely independent of DiaPat. For this reason, DiaPat does not accept any responsibility for the content of these sites or any consequences resulting from the use of these sites. However, please notify us immediately, if you find any linked sites containing illegal materials.

Other sites may contain links to the website of DiaPat or DiaPat subsidiary companies. Such links do not require any prior approval by DiaPat.

Limitation of liability
DiaPat endeavours to continually update this website, however we can give no guarantee with regard to the accuracy or completeness of its content. With the exception of any damages resulting from DiaPat deliberate or gross negligence, DiaPat cannot be held liable within the framework of legal requirements for direct, indirect, atypical, accidentally arising or any other damages or demands for compensation which may arise from or in relation to your visit to this website. This also applies to unauthorised 3rd party changes to the presentation of this website as well as the possible transfer of computer viruses.

Availability of website

Please note,

  • that it is not technically possible for DiaPat to provide a completely fault-free website and DiaPat therefore accepts no responsibilities whatsoever. 
  • that errors may result in the temporary suspension of this site.
  • that the availability of this site is dependent on conditions and services outside of DiaPat control, such as transmission capacity and telephone connections between individual parties.  DiaPat can not be held responsible for any such faults.

DiaPat and/or their suppliers and contractual partners reserve the right to temporarily or permanently shut down the website completely or in part, in order to make improvements or changes.

Country-specific product information
In line with global and local business activities, DiaPat provides information not necessarily relevant for every visitor and his respective country. For this reason it is possible that trademarks of certain products can vary from one country to another or that regulatory frameworks of individual countries result in different indications, dosage or limitations. Please contact the subsidiary responsible for your country to ask for further information on the availability of products in your country.

Responsible for this website

Publisher (ViSdP):
Mosaiques diagnostics and therapeutics AG, Rotenburger Straße 20, 30659 Hannover

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Dr. med. habil. Harald Mischak

Dipl. MI C. Gutzeit, Mosaiques diagnostics GmbH

Internet Host:
1&1 Internet AG, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur


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